Spotlight Day Calendar

September: Labor Day

A hard days work generates personal satisfaction, hands on activities from all the skilled trades and an understanding of the economic engine that builds America. Program launch in 2018.

Focus on Skilled Trades Merit Badges

September: Latino and Hispanic Community

Held during Hispanic Heritage Month, meet Base camp staff and participants from other countries and learn about Hispanic traditions and cultures while you teach and learn about your heritage.

Focus on American Cultures and Genealogy Merit Badge

October: LGBT

A community that has always participated yet was simultaneously shunned by Scouting for decades. Today, we celebrate that everyone is invited! Annual Program since 2017.

Focus on Family Life Merit Badge


November: Veteran's Day

From the American revolution to today's conflicts, learn about the responsibilities and costs of citizenship. Our camp activities include learning all about folding the flag, citizenship and freedom of speech. Annual Program since 2017.

Focus on Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge


November: Native American

What happens when a people's culture and skills have been intertwined with Scouting? Learn about native people’s history and current role in our National landscape. Program launch in 2018.

Focus on Native American Skills and Indian Lore Merit Badge


December: Messenger of Peace

Scouting world wide goal is to be a Messenger of Peace through Community Service. Scouting is non-sectarian – offering 112 religious awards through over 28 religions. Respecting others is core to any civilization, how do we teach and practice respect when we don't agree? Program since 2017.

Focus on all religious awards, Messenger of Peace, Community Service and Citizenship in the World Merit Badge


January: Disability Awareness

How can we work together to make sure everyone can experience the outdoors? Program since 2018. 

Focus on Disability Awareness Merit Badge.

February: Celebrating Black History

Annually in February during Black History Month, meet Base Camp staff and participants from other countries and learn about their traditions and cultures while you learn and teach about your heritage. Base camp will host leaders from the African American community to inspire and educate, as well as activities and games that originate from Africa. Annual Program since 2016.

Focus on American Cultures and Genealogy Merit Badge. 

February: Scouting Heritage

From 1907 in England to 68 countries across the globe with a mission of world peace. Scouting is a movement that offers more than meets the eye. Annual Program since 2017. 

Focus on Scouting Heritage Merit Badge.

March: Financial Literacy

Delve deeper into personal management, including the discipline and rewards of time management, goal setting and priorities. Program launch in 2018. 

Focus on Personal Management Merit Badge.

April: STEM

Science is everywhere! Scouting in Boston helped created the suite of STEM Merit badges. Annual Program since 2016.

Focus on Robotics, Game Design, Programming and Space Exploration Merit Badges

April: Earth Day

Scouting has always infused conservation with the outdoor program. Join earth scientists and dozens of hands on activities to help people of all ages discover the joys of STEM and the outdoors. Participants on Earth Day will plant trees, harvest honey and bees wax from our bees and use it in recipes and candle making. “Ice Cream Age!” involves making your own erosion box to learn about the impact and importance of plant life to the erosion and disaster prevention. Also, discover the dinosaurs and learn about fossils and the origin of fossil fuels!

Focus on Environmental Science and Sustainability Merit Badge

May: Islamic Tradition

Held annually in the weeks before Ramadan, meet Base Camp staff and participants from the Islamic faith and learn about Islamic traditions and cultures while you teach and learn about your heritage.  Annual Program since 2017.

Focus on religious awards: Bismillah, Allaho Alber

May: Women in Leadership

100 years ago, elements of character were partially defined by gender. A man of character was an informed voter, and a good provider. Today women vote and work outside the home; Character has no gender attributes. Program launch in 2018.

June: Fitness & Wellness

A Scout is physically strong and mentally awake - what does that mean in light of today's challenges with childhood obesity and addiction? Program launch 2018.

Focus on Personal Fitness Merit Badge.