New England Base Camp Commitment to Diversity

Everyone is Invited! New England Base Camp is open to the public.

We seek to build and support a diverse community of people who come from and interact with folks from every community we serve. Every person who participates in New England Base Camp has a right to expect an environment that is welcoming and values the richness of their lives and experience.

Base Camp believes the BSA curriculums (Cub Scouting and Scouting) have un-paralleled community parenting and character education value. We encourage and support all communities to work together while using this curriculum to help raise each other’s children. It is our intent to unlock the value of the Scouting for every family that wishes to raise children of character. To that end, each child will be the beneficiary of the best each family has to offer.


Base Camp’s Diversity Relationship to Scouting

Families define their values. Each family's experiences, heritage, personalities and faith informs those values. Scouting is open to all families.

Scouting is a community parenting program that develops character, citizenship, leadership and fitness. It achieves this primarily through a curriculum that forms strong youth adult mentoring relationships, empowers kids with skills that equip them to more effectively navigate the world, and offers them genuine and meaningful leadership opportunities. This program, however, is only effective when the community is dedicated to the outcomes. Therefore, we advise each family to have a conversational understanding of their unique family values and bond together in a parenting community that supports their values and creates a safe space for all children involved. Just like each family is unique, each troop or Scouting group is also unique. Entering a troop is entering a community that will deepen the values each family has defined.

Scouting develops character in children and young adults – giving them the strength to do what they individually believe is right when faced with life situations. We understand that individuals and diverse communities utilize the Scouting curriculum may see the world differently, and through varying lenses. We believe mature, articulate and respectful conflict is part of personal growth and required for citizenship. The common ground is for all our members to do their best to adhere to Scout Law – to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.


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