Please read our Statement on Racial Equality and Introduction to the Summer of Global Citizenship  Spirit of Adventure Executive Board Statement, & The BSA National Council Statement on Scouting’s Commitment to Act on Racial Injustice.

  • A Summer of Global Citizenship: The BSA curriculum provides dozens of opportunities to constructively address racism and injustice. The curriculum also develops a deep sense of fairness, equity and calls all participants to action. Developing civic responsibility in youth is crucial to our mission. One of the great aspects of the curriculum is that it is self-directed. It follows the child’s natural curiosity. This is wonderful when the child is learning to camp, and then seeks to learn more about weather or astronomy. The camping experience naturally opens up the Scout’s concern about weather and suddenly he is researching weather patterns. Or during the same camping trip another Scout is awed by the vastness of the night sky without any light pollution and so she learns how to navigate by the stars or identify planets in the night sky.


  • Self-Directed Learning provides opportunities for youth to show curiosity about the current events, the curriculum gives parents the tools to hold those conversations about racism and justice. It develops critical thinking skills for the youth as a requirement to be better citizens.

Like everything we do this summer the Summer of Global Citizenship will be delivered through each of our three delivery modes. Read below for more information, and details on any given aspect of the program.

Global Citizenship Online

Global Citizenship On-the-Go

Global Citizenship at Base Camp

Spotlight Days

As children participate in activities that coincide with each of these historical moments – the instructors will challenge the children with critical thinking activities that relate the historical events to the current situation of racial inequality for black and brown Americans.

Historical Events and Anniversaries this Summer

June 19 - Juneteenth
June 28  - Stonewall
July 4 - Independence Day
July 9 - 14th Amendment
July 13 - Environmental Education Act
July 26 - Americans With Disabilities Act
August 10 – 15 - Native American Trails
August 17 -  Washington - Religious Freedom
August 18 - 19th Amendment

Social Media


On Friday of each week this summer we’ll provide additional spotlights on various historical figures who made a significant impact for their unique community and the American Story. Look for these figures throughout each Friday.

Be sure to read closely … Many of these historical figures earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

Speaker Series


Our Virtual Speaker Series will feature an expert to connect to the highlight days every Friday at 1 pm.

Each week look for social media posts about historical figures and their impact on our society that can still be felt today.

Elementary School Age

Cub Adventures

The online and classes are geared toward elementary school age students. Each program is a combination of online discussions, at home activities and some group work were appropriate and safe.

For Cubs Scouts and their families – Parents should participate along with the child. The programs often provide all the experiences needed to complete adventures.

Build my own Hero
Project Family
Paws for Action
Community Service
Spirit of the Water
Aware and Care
Castaway (leadership)
Council Fire
Cubs Who Care

Middle and High School

Merit Badges

The online and classes are geared toward middle and high school age students. Each program is a combination of online discussions, at home activities and some group work were appropriate and safe.

For ScoutsBSA youth - The programs often provide all the experiences needed to complete merit badges.

American Heritage-June 24th - 11am
Family Life - July 1st - 11am
Citizenship in the Nation - July 8th - 11am
American Cultures - July 15th - 11am
Sustainability - July 22nd - 11am
Disabilities Awareness - July 29th - 11am
Journalism - August 5th - 11am
Native American Studies - August 12th - 11am
Citizenship in the World - August 19th - 11am


Volunteer Resource Groups

The online forums are generally geared toward adults who wish to use the Scouting curriculum and Base Camp resources, along with friends and neighbors to work together to help raise children of character.  Each online forum provides at home activities, discussion groups and information. Join the group(s) that interest you for a full calendar of events.

Women in Scouting

Multi-cultural Volunteer Resource Group

LGBTQ+ Scouts and Allies

Support Scouts with Special Needs