School programs

Home School Network

All the program materials and resources that make New England Base camp come alive are available to our Home School Network members. Parents can learn and teach along with their children, or register for thematic experiences that occur seasonally. Students can participate through several multi-day options. 

Home Base

Home Base is a three-day-per-week and full (school) year drop-off, nature-based, experiential, and holistic education program and parent cooperative.  With a focus on nature, community, and project-based learning, this program is aimed at supporting the intellectual (including academic), social, emotional, and physical development of young people, ages 5-13. This offering is for homeschooling families seeking a professionally-staffed and parent-supported consistent learning community for their children, where curriculum will mainly be emergent, flowing with students' direct experiences, interests, and teachers' inquiry-based style of guiding the process.

Home Base runs Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with an optional Wednesday offering.
For more information, please visit or contact [email protected]

Community Days

Community days are opportunities for homeschool families to enjoy activities that utilize the resources of the New England Base Camp. Community Day is open from 9-4, with programming happening from 10-3. The activities provided are optional. The entire day is choice-based and provides significant opportunities for immersive play. Community Day is for parents and children to attend together and does not offer a drop-off option.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Enrichment programs for Elementary Schools

Can’t make time for a field trip? We can bring the great outdoors to your classroom! Our staff can schedule enrichment programs for grades 1 – 5 throughout the school year. We’ll bring exciting hands on learning programs that help students connect science and the natural world to their educational curriculum.  Read testimonials from happy educators here and inquire about availability for your classroom presentation!

Educational opportunities at Base Camp

School groups of all ages can appreciate the outdoors, learn about sustainability, encourage teamwork and leadership among their students all in one-day or multi-day outdoor program. Cabin camping is available year round for extended visits, or just visit as a highlight field trip. Look here for more information.

The highlights of our educational programs include


Our STEM program will bring hands on activities to life in our unique classroom.  We use the outdoor space to teach students about ecology, engineering, dinosaurs and much more.  Our Maker Space and other hands on activities in our STEM Lab allow kids to learn in a fun and creative environment. Our activities are developed to serve a broad range of ages and for your Common Core and Mass Curriculum Frameworks


Looking for a field trip that the students will enjoy and foster teamwork?  Then our high ropes course is for you. All of our elements are designed to encourage communication and cooperation.  Our Ropes Course has been a popular location for student governments, senior class trips and communication classes.

Nature / Sustainability

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and the outdoor classroom brings educational lessons to life. The thematic learning opportunities that base camp provides are endless, participants can harvest honey or beeswax from our hives and make candles or use the honey in their outdoor cooking recipes. While learning how to rock climb and challenge their fears, they are also learning how and why the ice age deposited these large boulders here in the blue hills, as well as the science of physics that both keeps them safe on the rock and helps improve their balance as they climb. These are just samples of the hundreds of activities that foster a child’s curiosity and love of the natural world.


These programs offered at and through our Milton location