Webelos – Satellite Programs

Webelos: Cast Iron Chef

In this adventure, Webelos Scouts will learn about good nutrition, how to safely cook meals in the outdoors, and how to balance meal planning and finances.

Highlights Include!

At our outdoor location Scouts will use tinder, kindling, and fuel wood, demonstrate how to build a fire; light the fire, (unless prohibited by local fire restrictions). Prepare a balanced meal for the den using several methods below:

  • Camp stove
  • Dutch oven
  • Box oven
  • Solar oven
  • Open campfire or charcoal

Webelos: Castaway

Survival skills are essential for anyone who might ever become lost in the wilderness—in a jungle, on a desert island, or, yes, during a Scout hike or campout! This adventure teaches several of those skills to Webelos Scouts, preparing them to deal with emergencies in an outdoor environment.

Highlights Include

  •    Exploring the pros and cons of various survival techniques
  •    Introduction to a variety of outdoor skills that will be built on in a Troop
  •    Creating and playing your own game in the wilderness with minimal equipment
  •    Learn how to keep yourself safe and comfortable if you get lost!