Scout Programs

Scouts (boys and girls) make up the majority of the campers and participants at all Base Camp locations.

The Saturday Scout Open Program is the cornerstone of all programming at Base Camp. Scout groups can add onto their program experience by participating in High Adventure Programs. Additionally, Scouts have access to a wide range of lodging opportunities, from cabin camping, to lean to shelters and tent camping.

Saturday Program

Join us for our Saturday program! Either at our main camp in Milton, MA or at Lone Tree in Kingston, NH.

From 10:00am- 5:00pm the campground is open for exploring. Come and give archery a try and then head over to the axe yard to learn to chop/split and plain a log. Be sure to save some time to go swimming, try rock climbing, throw a tomahawk, test your skills at outdoor cooking and dig up a dinosaur. Scouts can always earn merit badges while they enjoy camp!Scouts can always earn merit badges while they enjoy camp! We have all the skates, sleds, snow shoes and ice climbing tools you'll need!

At Base Camp in Milton, Scouts will have the equipment and resources to complete requirements that say “Do” or "Demonstrate." Leaders and parents can administer programs by following a pathway or working from their handbook on a specific advancement. Be sure to bring your Scout Book app so you can receive credit for your successes immediately!

How to participate:

  • Open Program- Follow your own path and explore the campgrounds
  • Pathways- Use one of our fun Outdoor Activity Pathways that will lead you throughout the camp while doing themed-activities. You can even fulfill advancement or training requirements on the way.
  • Advancement- Leaders, Parents, and Counselors can work with Scouts on specific Adventures or Merit Badges

High Adventure Programs

During Open Programs on Saturdays, everyone at Base Camp has the opportunity to participate in advanced specialty programs. Ice Climbing and Mountaineering programs are booked well in advance, so don't wait! Advanced Rock Climbing, High Ropes Course and Canoeing Treks are also popular programs.

Add a High Adventure Program

Advanced Rock Climbing 

Our Advanced Climbing Instructors have several climbs set up for you and your skill level. Trained adult spotters and belayers will assist you in climbing and rappelling the rock with harnesses and helmets. Base Camp has all the equipment ready to help you create unforgettable memories with you and your group.


Canoeing Trek

The canoe trek is a 2.25 mi trip out, down the Neponset River to Pope John Paul park, accompanied by a Base Camp guide. Stopping for a picnic lunch, paddlers will learn about the Neponset Estuary and the unique ecosystem it creates. Fun and learning await before the group canoes back and returns to Milton. Includes all equipment, lunch on Saturday, and 1/2 day wristbands. All canoe treks are only available through Base Camp!

High Ropes Course

Come with a group or partner and go on our high ropes course. Teamwork and communication are necessity when you are crossing the “Jellyfish” forty feet in the air and need the help of your friends to succeed. Get an aerial tour of Base Camp while pushing your limits and developing valuable skills working as a team. Includes all COPE equipment, lunch on Saturday and 1/2 day wristbands.

Ice Climbing/ Mountaineering

In the winter, Base Camp is the only place in the greater Boston Area that has Ice Climbing. In this exhilarating activity, you will have ice boots, crampons and ice axes at your disposal to accomplish one objective- climbing a sheet of ice.

Cub Scout Satellite Programs

If your Den wants to do special programs, you don't have to come all the way to Base Camp! We have five different Satellite locations that run programming specific to each rank: Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears & Webelos. With the Adventure Card (which all cubs have) participating in satellite programs are free! Check out our programs and pick a location near you!



Are you new to Scouting? You just raised your hand to be a Den Leader or a Scoutmaster and don't know where to begin?

Bring the scouts and their families to Base Camp for an afternoon! It's free with your Adventure Card! While you are there, the boys can work on badges and you'll participate side by side and walk away with your adult badge for training! It's simple - while he has fun measuring, preparing and cooking his meal, you simultaneously learn how to manage a meal for a group of scouts.

BALOO Training and IOLS Training available every week at Open Program in Milton!

Camp Programs

Base Camp hosts many different camps and camping programs throughout the year. Scouts can participate in week-long camps or individual day-camp activities. Check out all of our Camp Programs at our different locations to find out how you want to start your camping adventure! 

Rent Cabins/Campsites

We have two main locations in Kingston, NH & Milton, MA that are equipped with sites and facilities to accommodate any group program or trip! Choose a location to reserve your space and camping facilities. 


For seven Saturday morning sessions, we offer skill lessons in archery and rock climbing. Base Camp instructors teach all of the safety rules and proper handling before you start. Learn the 10 steps of good shooting before you pick up your bow. OR Learn all about climbing! Our instructors have several climbs set up for you and your skill level. 

If you are a registered Scout you can earn the merit badge. If you are not a scout, you can come learn and enjoy!

Sessions are Saturdays from 8:00am - 9:15am. 7 sessions are on April 28th, May 5th, May 11th, May 18th, June 2nd, June 9th and June 16th


New England Base camp is Powered by Scouting – and Scout Book fuels the engine. Be sure to bring your Scout Book App with you to camp. Our weekend staff is certified and can sign off on countless merit badges, rank advancements, and Cub Scout adventures. The Camp is fully loaded with a strong wifi signal and with a Scout Store on premises, if the Scout leader approves, the unit can even print the advancement report and buy the patches in the shop that same day! PLEASE NOTE: Spirit of Adventure pays for its Cub Scouts to have the Scout Book App as part of their adventure card.