Family Programs – Milton, MA location

Base Camp is tucked in the space between an adventure park, a hands-on learning experience and a community resource.  With over 20,000 annual guests you’re likely to run into some of your friends while enjoy all the adventurous activities in the great outdoors.

When we developed Base Camp we found many parents understood and agreed that Scouting would create a strong and positive impact on their child’s character and leadership. Also, the unique skills Scouting teaches from camping and wilderness survival to rock climbing and archery are also attractive to most families. Now, through the Base Camp programs everyone is invited and families can learn and enjoy together.     

Saturday Program

Join us for our Saturday program! Come and give archery a try and then head over to the Axe Yard to learn to chop/split and plain a log. Be sure to save some time to go rock climbing, throw a tomahawk, test your skills at outdoor cooking and dig up a dinosaur. Come play outside on Saturdays at Basecamp!

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New England Basecamp is the place to have your special person’s Birthday Party!  Guests will have two hours participating in all that the Outdoor Complex has to offer- bb guns, archery, monkey bridges, rock climbing, and so much more.  Then you will get a room where you can have your birthday cake, open gifts and have lunch.  Finish with an hour in our indoor pool.  Two sessions every Saturday are available, 10am until 2pm or 1pm until 5pm.

Camp Programs

Base Camp hosts many different camps and camping programs throughout the year. Anyone can participate in week-long camps or individual day-camp activities. Check out all of our Camp Programs at our different locations to find out how you want to start your camping adventure! 


Each Saturday morning, we offer skill lessons for the public interested in 1. Rock Climbing 2. Archery 3. Basic Camping / Outdoor Skills and 4. Swimming Lessons through our partner Shamrock Swim Club. The clinic runs for 8 weeks and graduation to the next skill level is based on performance. Through base camp, your child can take a rock climbing lesson at 9AM and a swimming lesson at 10AM.  


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