Online Merit Badge Classes

As we continue to provide advancement opportunities to Scouts, here are upcoming online Merit Badge classes. These classes will give Scouts a chance to continue working on the Scouting curriculum, achieve advancements towards their Scouting goals, and connect with other Scouts all over the country!

Throughout each class, Scouts will fulfill many requirements during the online sessions. Scouts may have some requirements to complete on their own at home or with their units at a later date. Within 2 weeks after completion of the session, you will receive a digital blue card via email detailing your advancement. You can then forward this information to your Scout Leader or Advancement person to input into your Scoutbook account. No hard copy blue card will be issued.

You will receive a link with information to join your session the morning of your class.

Please remember that any electronic communication involving a youth member must adhere to BSA’s “two deep” leadership policies so youth sending emails or texts should cc their parent or another adult.

Global Citizen Week

American Cultures – Friday, September 25th – 3-6pm – Instructor Chuck Blanchette

Earth Week

Sustainability – Monday, September 28th & Wednesday, September 30th – 4-6pm – Instructor Zack Shepherd

Environmental Science - Monday, September 28th & Wednesday, September 30th – 4-6pm – Instructor Chuck Blanchette

Veterinary Medicine – Tuesday, September 29th – 4-7pm – Instructor Alison Batey

Soil & Water Conservation – Thursday, October 1st – 4-7pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson


Special Programs:

NOVA – Let It Grow! – Friday, October, 2nd – 4-7pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson


Architecture – Monday, October 5th – 4-7pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson

Engineering – Monday, October 5th & Wednesday, October 7th – 4-6pm – Instructor Chuck Blanchette

Medicine – Tuesday, October 6th – 4-7pm – Instructor Alison Batey

Composite Materials – Tuesday, October 6th – 4-7pm – Instructor Zack Shepherd


Special Programs:

NOVA – Splash! – Wednesday, October 7th & Friday, October 9th – 4-6pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson

NEW! Careers Week

Salesmanship – Tuesday, October 13th – 4-7pm – Instructor Zack Shepherd

Veterinary Medicine – Wednesday, October 14th – 4-7pm – Instructor Alison Batey

Weather – Thursday, October 15th – 4-7pm – Instructor Chuck Blanchette

Mining in Society – Friday, October 16th – 3-6pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson

Personal Management - Saturday - October 17th - 1-4pm

NEW! Influencer Week

Moviemaking – Monday, October 19th & Wednesday, October 21st – 4-6pm – Instructor Zack Shepherd

Journalism – Tuesday, October 20th – 4-7pm – Instructor Alison Batey

Public Speaking - Thursday, October 22nd - 4-7pm - Instructor Darrin Johnson

Communication - Thursday, October 22nd & Friday, October 23rd - 1-3pm - Instructor Darrin Johnson

Graphic Arts - Saturday, October 24th - 1-4pm - Instructor Zack Shepherd

Enhance your Online Merit Badge Experience

Dozens of business, community, and civic leaders are donating their time and expertise to support Base Camp Online through our virtual guest speaker program. These programs are free and almost limitless (200+ attendance cap), they are open to anyone. The experts will share their personal and professional story, their background, and a little about what it’s like to work in their field. The virtual classroom manager will take chat questions from the audience and the guest speaker will answer the questions.

Click here for speakers and schedules. If you are a professional and would be willing to volunteer and serve as a guest speaker, please email Mariama Sano at [email protected].