Online Merit Badge Classes

To continue to provide advancement opportunities to Scouts who are responsibly staying home, we have launched a series of online Merit Badge classes. These classes will give Scouts a chance to continue working on the Scouting curriculum, achieve advancements towards their Scouting goals, and connect with other Scouts all over the country!

Throughout each class, Scouts will fulfill most requirements with many Merit Badges ending in completion. Others may require Scouts to complete some requirements on their own at home or with their units in the future. For Scouts within the Spirit of Adventure Council, work towards, or completion of, online Merit Badges will be updated in Scoutbook at the end of each week. For those outside our Council, blue cards will be mailed out weekly.

Follow the links below to sign up. Registration for most classes opens Friday at 9am the week before the class begins. And don't forget to use your Adventure Card to get 20% off!

You can also now purchase a $10, $25, or $100 gift card for a camper, Scout, or any other explorer to use towards their next adventure with us, online or in-person in the future!

Eagle-required Merit Badges:

Not Eagle-required Merit Badges:


Enhance your Online Merit Badge Experience

Dozens of business, community, and civic leaders are donating their time and expertise to support Base Camp Online through our virtual guest speaker program. These programs are free and almost limitless (200+ attendance cap), they are open to anyone. The experts will share their personal and professional story, their background, and a little about what it’s like to work in their field. The virtual classroom manager will take chat questions from the audience and the guest speaker will answer the questions.

Our new Virtual Speaker Series launches on March 30th and will be held every day at 2PM. Click here for speakers and schedules. If you are a professional and would be willing to volunteer and serve as a guest speaker, please email Mariama Sano at [email protected].

Here are a few examples of how you might use the speaker program to enhance your merit badge experience:

  • If you are working toward law merit badge be sure to tune into Larry DiCara’s guest appointment.
  • If you are working toward animation merit badge be sure to check out Peter Reynolds guest appointment.

For a full list of speakers and their bios, visit our Virtual Speaker Series page.

Stay tuned for these additional Merit Badges coming soon!

  • Reading
  • Animation
  • Reptile and Amphibian Study
  • Signs, Signals, and Codes
  • Dog Care
  • Programming
  • Salesmanship
  • Scholarship
  • Stamp Collecting
  • Coin Collecting
  • Personal Management
  • Personal Fitness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Energy
  • Inventing

For those whose in-person programs have been rescheduled:

Please consider turning your credit or payment into a tax-deductible Charitable contribution to the Spirit of Adventure Council. Your generosity will help provide the revenue possible to continue to develop programs as we all work through this crisis. If you plan convert your credit or payment to a Charitable gift, please send an email to Laura Moriarty, [email protected], stating the program and dollar amount, she’ll verify and send your tax statement.