Online Classes

Every week, Base Camp staff and guest instructors hold classes to share their skills and knowledge. Classes aimed at Grades 6 -12. Click below to register to learn a new skill or expand your talent.

Do you have a skill you would like to share? Click here to let us know you would like to help!

Please adhere to our youth protection policies: any youth sending emails or texts should cc their parent or another adult. All class times listed below are EST.


Global Citizen Week

American Cultures – Friday, September 25th – 3-6pm – Instructor Chuck Blanchette


Earth Week

Sustainability – Monday, September 28th & Wednesday, September 30th – 4-6pm – Instructor Zack Shepherd

Environmental Science - Monday, September 28th & Wednesday, September 30th – 4-6pm – Instructor Chuck Blanchette

Veterinary Medicine – Tuesday, September 29th – 4-7pm – Instructor Alison Batey

Soil & Water Conservation – Thursday, October 1st – 4-7pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson


Special Programs:

NOVA – Let It Grow! – Friday, October, 2nd – 4-7pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson


Architecture – Monday, October 5th – 4-7pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson

Engineering – Monday, October 5th & Wednesday, October 7th – 4-6pm – Instructor Chuck Blanchette

Medicine – Tuesday, October 6th – 4-7pm – Instructor Alison Batey

Composite Materials – Tuesday, October 6th – 4-7pm – Instructor Zack Shepherd


Special Programs:

NOVA – Splash! – Wednesday, October 7th & Friday, October 9th – 4-6pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson

Careers Week

Salesmanship – Tuesday, October 13th – 4-7pm – Instructor Zack Shepherd

Veterinary Medicine – Wednesday, October 14th – 4-7pm – Instructor Alison Batey

Weather – Thursday, October 15th – 4-7pm – Instructor Chuck Blanchette

Mining in Society – Friday, October 16th – 3-6pm – Instructor Darrin Johnson

Personal Management - Saturday - October 17th - 1-4pm

Influencer Week

Moviemaking – Monday, October 19th & Wednesday, October 21st – 4-6pm – Instructor Zack Shepherd

Journalism – Tuesday, October 20th – 4-7pm – Instructor Alison Batey

Public Speaking - Thursday, October 22nd - 4-7pm - Instructor Darrin Johnson

Communication - Thursday, October 22nd & Friday, October 23rd - 1-3pm - Instructor Darrin Johnson

Graphic Arts - Saturday, October 24th - 1-4pm - Instructor Zack Shepherd