Base Camp On the Go

One of the delivery aspects of our multi-modal and modular curriculum is Base Camp on the go!

Base Camp on the go brings the curriculum to you and enables parents to work together to deliver high quality educational and enriching experiences. These are great for Scout leaders, home school parents and any youth leader who is looking to add a little pop to their program. Base Camp on the go provides resources for all the same robust programs offered at Base Camp, but they include all the equipment and lessons a parent would need to teach 8 children of similar ages.

Borrow an Adventure Kit

You can borrow a kit to take to your meeting location or borrow a kit while at camp to provide program in your campsite.  For Scouts – each kit lists the Cub or Scout requirements for various badges.  View and click to sign out kits below.


Pop-Up Camps

Typical on-the-go kits provide programs for 45 – 90 minutes for up to 8 children. The Go-Mobile enables us to package dozens of program kits together and provide an entire day of programing, or visit schools, and create Pop-up Day Camps.

Due to Coronavirus– We will meet or exceed all public health and safety protocols for pop-up camps. Updates regarding these day camps will be released on May 6thand 7thduring a GoToMeeting for all interested parents. After that date, all re-opening information will be shared through the weekly emails and here on our website. We anticipate launching all kits mid-summer for our multi-modal programing. All kits are sanatized upon return and double checked for cleanliness and supplies before being re-issued.

How Does Base Camp On-The-Go Work?

Library of Equipment and Supplies

Base Camp has an intensive list of age appropriate programs and resources. Each kit comes with summary lesson plans and all the equipment and supplies to teach 8 children. Check out the library of on the go program kits.

On-the-Go mobile

Keep an eye out for the On-The-Go mobile! Imagine dozens of kits loaded in a trailer that stops by your location. When the go-mobile comes to town it creates an instant pop-up Base Camp!