Camp Programs

February Vacation: Winter Camp (Week Long)

At New England Base Camp in Milton

Boys and Girls

8:30am- 4pm & Extended Day available

Younger campers, boys and girls in the 1st through 5th grade, will have a blast. They will ice skate, go sledding, snurfing, snowshoeing, fort-building, explore indoor camp activities and games and get a special visit from the Yeti! All of our outdoor and indoor winter camp activities are available. Fun for all with advancement opportunities for scouts too!

Older Campers, boys and girls in the 6th through 12th grade, will choose a program themed around winter activities including some with overnights, day trips, certifications and merit badge earnings for scouts. Pathway choices range from:

  • Winter Survival: Program involves Wilderness Survival Merit Badge, Cooking Merit Badge,  CPR Certification,  Includes one overnight
  • Find Your Way: Program involves Orienteering Merit Badge, Geocache Merit Badge, CPR Certification
  • Snow Sports: Program involves Snow Sports Merit Badge,  Physical Fitness Merit Badge, Includes one day of skiing
  • First Aid: Program involves First Aid Merit Badge, Fire Safety Merit Badge, CPR Certification, Basic First Aid

February Vacation: BSA Lifeguard Training (Week Long)

At New England Base Camp in Milton

Boys and Girls

The primary purpose of the BSA Lifeguard training program is to provide professional lifeguards for BSA operated facilities, council aquatics committees, and year-round aquatics programming. In addition, this training is intended to meet the requirements of government agencies for operations at a regulated swimming venue. The program is open to all registered adults and youth, age 15 and older. BSA Lifeguard is recommended for aquatics staff lifeguard training and for those who wish to work as lifeguards for BSA year-round aquatics programs. For those supporting council aquatics committees, this training is the next step beyond the Aquatics Supervision program for unit leaders.

Certification is good for 2 years. Cross over programs are available to become RED CROSS Lifeguards as well. Monday, February 17th will be swim tests and safe swim defense training. American Red Cross CPR/AED or equivalent training required BEFORE Monday. Courses offered on the third Saturdays of every month at Base Camp.)


April Vacation: STEM Camp (Week Long)

At New England Base Camp in Milton

Boys and Girls

8:30am- 4pm & Extended Day available

Younger scientists, boys and girls in the 1st through 5th grade, will enjoy a week full of STEM activities. From cool science experiments to nature walks, from drones to dino digs, from weather to space exploration, from art/design to animals! All scouts will work towards earning their NOVA Award!

Those in 5th grade, and scouts who are crossing over to troops soon, can choose to take the General Science Pathway designed as a transition. It includes a general introduction to science experiments: Biology, Chemistry, Sustainability and a field trip to a local Science Museum.

Older scientists, boys and girls in the 6th through 12th grade, will choose a pathway themed around STEM activities including field trips, visits from scientists and engineers and hands-on projects. Scouts will earn the corresponding merit badges. Pathway choices range from

  • Robotics: Program includes introduction to robotics using lego Mindstorm kits, a field trip to iRobot, and a chance to earn the Robotics Merit Badge
  • Engineering: Program includes working with engineers from all throughout Boston, a field trip, access to a 3D printer at New England Base Camp, and a chance to earn the Engineering and Inventing Merit Badges
  • Energy/Electricity: Program includes learning about electromagnetic energy, fusion, playing with a Geiger Counter, field trip to MIT Fusion Lab, instruction by MIT Researchers, and a chance to earn the Electricity, Energy, and Nuclear Science Merit Badges
  • Game Design/Animation: Program includes making art with science, making your own digital cartoons, a field trip to FableVision, working with Animators at FableVision, and a chance to earn the Animation, Game Design, and Chess Merit Badges
  • Architecture/Design: Program includes design layout landscaping, a field trip and a chance to earn the Architecture, Drafting, and Landscape Architecture Badges

April Vacation: STEM Camp (Week Long)

At Base Camp Express in Woburn

Boys and Girls

Boys and girls in the 6th through 12th grade, are invited to participate in a week STEM activities and merit badges for Scouts. Campers will choose a STEM-themed program. Program choices are:

Energy: Program includes working to earn Energy, Electricity and Nuclear Science Merit Badges, participating in a field trip to MIT Plasma Physics Department and working towards the Nova Award

Communications: Program includes  working to earn Radio, Communications, and Signs Signals and Codes Merit Badges, participating in a Field trip to a local radio station and working towards the Nova Award

Nature: Program includes  working to earn Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge, Forestry Merit Badge, Plant Science Merit Badges, participating in a Field trip to a managed forest and working towards the Nova Award

April Vacation: National Youth Leadership Training (Week Long)

At New England Base Camp in Milton

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is an exciting, action-packed program designed to provide all 13- to 20-year-old youth members of the Boy Scouts of America, both male and female, with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home, units and in future endeavors.

Requirements: Scouts who attend NYLT should be at least 1st Class and have attended at least one week at a week long summer camp in the past.  Ages 13 - 20 year old members of the Boy Scouts of America, including Scouts and Venturers.

Summer Camp (Week Long)

Boys and Girls

Throughout the summer, our primary location (Milton, MA) operates nine weeks of day camp programs. Campers will rock climb, swim, learn the shooting sports, build a campfire, do some crafting, learn wilderness survival skills and even do some outdoor cooking. All the classic outdoor scout badges are offered during these weeks. Separately, many of our satellite locations offer full blown weeks of camp programming during the summer.

Lunch is included in registration. Campers will be provided lunch from a rotating menu of hot and cold food items, side dishes, and drinks, including sandwiches, pizza, fruit, etc. We can accommodate most dietary needs.

Optional Extended Day Program: The Extended Day program provides programming and supervision to campers following the end of the camp day. With this option, parents can pick up campers anytime Monday-Thursday between 4-6 p.m. Extended Day is not available on Friday.

Grades 1-5 at New England Base Camp

July 6th- 10th: Milton Day Camp Week 1 

July 13th- 17th: Milton Day Camp Week 2 

July 20th- 24th: Milton Day CampWeek 3 

July 27th- 31st: Milton Day Camp Week 4 

August 3rd- 7th: Milton Day Camp Week 5 

August 10th- 14th: Milton Day Camp Week 6 

August 17th- 21st: Milton Day Camp Week 7 

August 24th- 28th: Milton Day Camp Week 8

August 31st- Sept. 4th: Milton Day Camp Week 9 “Space Camp at Base Camp”

Grades 1-5 at Satellite Location Camps

July 6th- 10th: North Andover Day Camp New

July 6th-10th: Cambridge STEM Camp

July 13th-17th: Topsfield Day Camp

July 13th-17th: Lawrence STEM Camp New

July 20th-24th: Lexington Day Camp

July 27th-31st: Haverhill Day Camp

August 3rd-7th: Wakefield Day Camp

August 10th-14th: Wakefield STEM Camp

August 17th- 21st: Chelmsford Day Camp

Grades 6-12 at New England Base Camp

July 6th- 10th: Adventure Camp

July 13th- 17th: Canoe Camp

July 20th- 24th: Kayak Camp

July 27th- 31st: Climbing Camp

August 3rd- 7th: Adventure Camp

August 10th- 14th: Trades Camp New

August 17th- 21st: Wildlife Management Camp New

August 24th- 28th: Climbing Camp

August 31st- Sept. 4th: Space Camp

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