Base Camp Delivery

One of the delivery aspects of our multi-modal and modular curriculum is Base Camp on the go!

Base Camp on the go brings the curriculum to you and enables parents to work together to deliver high quality educational and enriching experiences. These are great for Scout leaders, home school parents and any youth leader who is looking to add a little “pop” to their program. Base Camp on the go provides resources for all the same robust programs offered at Base Camp, but they are modular includes all the equipment and lessons a parent would need to teach 8 children of similar age.

Base Camps and Express

The original in Milton and now additional Base Camp facilities are popping up all over New England, Saugus MA, Cranston RI and Express programs. Base Camp is a concept that provides all aspects of the Scouting curriculum to everyone, in that vein we provide every aspect of Scouting and the outdoors and are open everyday. At Base Camp, you can learn to swim, shot an arrow, rock or ice climb, cook outdoors or pick from any number of adventures and skills.  Read More.

Base Camp Online

Developed as a temporary solution to the Coronavirus, Base Camp Online offers great experiences and resources for all children and youth. The resources include merit badges / proficiency classes, follow along you tube videos, digital den meetings, downloadable activities and the speaker series. These online programs and resources are used to enhance typical unit program, or in conjunction with other Base camp programs.  Read More.

Base Camp On-the-Go

To assist den leaders with program delivery, we’ve developed den kits as a library service through our facilities in Woburn and Milton. These kits contain everything an adult need to capture and hold the interest of a 8 or so children of the same age. We’ve expanded this segment to include every physical item needed to deliver your program. Kits can be checked out or used at camp. The program kits provide the core resources for local day camps and satellites.  Read More.