The New England Adventure Card is Available Here!

New England Base Camp in Milton is open to the public and provides great Outdoor Education opportunities for families and adventure seekers of all ages. The program is based on the Scouting curriculum and operated by The Boy Scouts. As such, Scouts receive additional benefits and services. Specifically, they can receive discounts and special programs through their adventure card (see below), and they can receive Information Technology support and convenience through Scout Book. Also, additional satellite programs and our Kingston NH camp are available to Scouts only.

Not a Scout? That’s OK! You and your family are welcome to enjoy the great outdoors with us. Everyone’s Invited! Stop by for the day and check it out, purchase your adventure card and start enjoying all the adventures for an entire year!

Basic Annual Membership ($50 Annual Fee)
  • Basic benefits are only available to boys and girls across Massachusetts and New England
  • Unlimited admission to New England Base Camp wristband program at Camp Sayre (Milton, MA) and Lone Tree (Kingston, NH) for the cardholder.
  • 20% Discount on Summer Camps, Vacation camps, Birthday parties, Instructional Clinics, Meals at Campfire Cafe
  • 20% Discount on Off-season camping rentals
  • 20% Discount on Guest admission when accompanied by the cardholder.
  • Unlimited admission to all satellite programs (only open to Scouts)
Family Annual Membership ($150 Annual Fee)
  • Benefits are available for a family of four to all Families (same home address)
  • All the Basic Annual benefits listed, for a family of four.
  • 20% Discount for additional family members or guest admission when accompanied by at least one cardholder from the family

Special Discounted Adventure Card for Scouts who are a part of Spirit of Adventure Council

Spirit of Adventure SPECIAL ($30 Annual Fee)

  • ScoutBook Advancement Software is included.
  • ALL Spirit of Adventure Cub Scouts will receive these benefits as part of their annual program fees.
  • Every REGISTERED Cub Scout will receive a card to use for free until their Pack recharters for 2017 (between January-April)
  • This fee and benefits will be applied during re-charter process for 2017.

Spirit of Adventure SPECIAL ($100 Annual Fee)

  •  Family of four with a current Scout registration.
  • Spirit of Adventure Scouting families may purchase these cards for a reduced cost of $100 annual fee.
  • This discount is available during re-charter process.


When you register for camps and programs, make sure to Login using your account associated with the Adventure Card to receive your discounts.

Have Login trouble? This step-by-step guide will help: How to Register with the Adventure Card 

Additional information about the Adventure Card for Scouts is available here.